The tile shop

When I started at The Tile Shop, I wasn’t sure if my experience at Kohl’s would really translate. How similar is tile to clothes, electronics, and makeup? It turns out, very! Marketing copywriting is all about presenting a certain lifestyle to customers. Writing about tile is writing about interior design, dream homes, and the life one aspires to live. Learning, adapting to, and defining a voice for this new customer segment has taught me so much about the value of a clear point of view.


My seven years at Kohl’s gave me the opportunity to deeply understand the company’s customers and its brand voice. Working on a wide variety of deliverables, including geotargeted mobile notifications, landing pages, direct mail, and personalization initiatives, exposed me to nuances between customer personas and messaging strategies. When I settled into my role as social media copywriter, I became an expert in creating copy targeted to specific channels with demographics, sales goals, and engagement in mind.

what would kate do?

What started as a fun hobby writing about a frivolous interest (OK, maybe it’s a little more than frivolous to me) turned into a valuable learning experience. Understanding strategy, independently researching and concepting topics, and creating entertaining yet sales-driven content were all part of this freelance role.